Bigg Boss 17: Netizens praise Isha Malviya for standing up to Ankita Lokhande’s ‘hygiene issues;’ say, “Isha tells everything pointwise”

Ankita Lokhande faces backlash in Bigg Boss 17, with a heated argument with Neil Bhatt and a viral clash with Isha Malviya over bathroom cleaning. Netizens on X praise Isha’s articulate stance.

Everybody in the house appears to be at odds with Ankita Lokhande. Her furious argument with Neil Bhatt regarding nominations initially created a lot of dispute. Her most recent argument with Isha Malviya regarding cleaning the bathroom has gone viral. Isha informs Ankita that it is her responsibility to clean the bathroom properly, and she has to remind her several times to do so. Ankita was strongly offended by Isha. She tells her that she cleans as best she can, fulfils her obligations, and isn’t a professional cleaner leading to their fight escalating as per the Bigg Boss 17 promo.

Now recent updates, suggest that Netizens praise Isha’s comment over Ankita Lokhande’s defence on X. Sharing their views about the promo, one fan applauded Isha for aptly articulating the problem while others praised the neutral viewers for finally taking a stance.


A fan on X wrote, “The way Isha tells everything pointwise was superb, even Ankita was listening to her quietly, i was not taking Isha seriously because of the triangle thing but after this, I can say she is a strong contestant too.” While another fan tweeted, “Ankita should take it sportingly Isha has also come to play and she is telling Ankita about cleanliness issue since long Somewhere Ankita is incorrect here She need to be bit tidy and organised when sharing room with many #BB17 #BiggBoss17.” 

However, the contestants inside the Bigg Boss 17 house, seem to have an opposite opinion wherein Abhishek Kumar is seen defending Ankita as per a recent Live Feed video clip, with Aishwarya Sharma and Neil Bhatt agreeing despite their differences.