Bigg Boss 17: Netizens call Neil Bhatt ‘Fattu’ as they slam him for intimidating Ankita Lokhande during an argument

The latest Bigg Boss 17 Promo unveils a heated clash between Ankita Lokhande and Neil Bhatt as he nominates Vicky and Ankita for elimination. Neil’s skepticism triggers a fiery exchange, leading netizens to slam his behaviour on X. Check out what they said.

The latest Bigg Boss 17 Promo offers a glimpse into an impending clash between Ankita Lokhande and Neil Bhatt, as Neil nominates Vicky and Ankita for the upcoming weekly eliminations.

The promo begins with Neil nominating Ankita, expressing skepticism about the authenticity of Vicky and Ankita’s relationship. Ankita responds by calling Neil a coward, leading to a heated exchange of words. Neil, visibly irritated, accuses Ankita of being hypocritical and mockingly imitates her, prompting Ankita to assert her demand for him to leave.


The tension escalates as Neil mocks Ankita, imitating her and accusing her of hypocrisy. Ankita, provoked, challenges Neil to leave, to which Neil retorts, “Bol diya, khokli, khokli hai tu.” The exchange intensifies as Ankita accuses Neil of making fun of her, and Neil references past incidents, saying, “Aap poke karna, khanjar marna, jaise pehle kiya tha.”

Viewers have taken to social media to voice their reactions, expressing surprise at Neil’s behaviour and condemning his actions. The aggressive confrontation has sparked strong reactions from the audience, who are now questioning Neil’s conduct within the Bigg Boss 17 house.

Taking to X, one of the fans tweeted, “Omg !! Neil’s real side comes out He is a disgusting guy look at the way he is talking to Ankita n the way he is trying to intimidate her by sitting so close. Ankita is so strong to not get scared n give him back.” While another fan wrote, “Is this guy for real??? He is charging at a woman and the way he keeps shouting. Disgusting. I dare him to speak in the same tone with his wife. Fattu sala.”