Bigg Boss 17: Netizens agree with Aishwarya Sharma calling Sana Raees Khan ‘Vicky ki chamchi;’ say, “she is the perfect chamchi”

Netizens largely sided with Aishwarya Sharma, criticizing Sana Raees Khan for being ‘Vicky ki chamchi’ for Sana voting out Neil Bhatt as directed by Vicky Jain.

Bigg Boss 17’s latest episode shocked viewers after Dimaag Makkan contestants nominated Neil Bhatt for the entire season. This also saved Anurag Dobhal from punishment. Moreover, during the process, Sana Raees Khan who has also gotten a couple of votes was directed by Vicky Jain to nominate Neil Bhatt, hence sealing the deal and making Neil Bhatt the nomination for the entire season. This whole process made Vicky look like a mastermind while Aishwarya Sharma, Neil’s real-life wife and co-contestant called Sana Raees Khan ‘Vicky ki chamchi’ for doing what Vicky directed her to vote for.

In the episode, at first, Vicky does not want to save Anurag. However, Tehlka Bhai aka Sunny Arya and Arun Mashettey insisted on saving Anurag and giving the YouTuber a second chance. In the process, Vicky & Anurag nominated Neil Bhatt, and Arun and Sunny ended up nominating Sana Raees Khan. Leading to Sana and Neil ending up in a tie. Sana Raees Khan who was yet to vote was insisted by Vicky to vote out Neil Bhatt who ended up doing as directed. This made Aishwarya and Neil angry and the actress shouted at Sana saying, ‘Vicky ki chamchi.”


The Netizens seem to agreee with Aishwarya name-calling. They shared there opinion on X. One of the fans in their tweet wrote, “What a Strategy by #SanaRaeesKhan to take #NeilBhatt ‘s name. She very well knew that If She support Vicky then she will get saved. Chintu pointed out it clearly and Abhishek played really well in the end.” Another fan tweeted, “#SanaRaeesKhan is the perfect #chamchi of #vickyjain.”