Bigg Boss 17: Neil Bhatt and Vicky Jain lock horns in an ugly turn of events; former shouts, “dhakka kese maara tune?”

Drama unleashed as Vicky Jain stirs the pot on Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma’s relationship! Here’s what happened.

Bigg Boss 17 fans, get ready for some intense drama in the upcoming episode because Neil Bhatt and Vicky Jain are all set to enter into a bog fight!

In the upcoming promo, we can witness the tension escalated with Neil’s furious shouts, “Dhakka kaise maar raha hai voh (How dare he push me)?” He was determined to reach Vicky, but Abhishek Kumar intervened to hold him back. Meanwhile, Vicky attempted to explain something to Ankita Lokhande, his wife.


Ankita and Aishwarya Sharma also joined the heated conversation, adding to the chaos. Neil made another attempt to confront Vicky, insisting, “Arey haath lagaya usne mujhe (He touched me).” Aishwarya attempted to calm him down with a plea, “Babu, don’t go,” but eventually sought Abhishek’s help to restrain Neil, who remained furious.

The dispute originated from Vicky’s comments about Neil and Aishwarya’s relationship. Abhishek initially expressed his preference for Vicky and Ankita, saying, “Aap dono ka couple zyaada accha lagta hai un dono se.” Vicky’s response to this was, “Bechara phas gaya hai ladka,” further fueled the argument.

Fans have their own theories, with one suggesting, “I just feel that Neil and Aishwarya are a little insecure of Vicky and Ankita…they are finding it hard to keep up,” while another speculates, “This time Bigg Boss is playing with the contestants’ minds, and due to the pressure, they are falling into his trap! First Ankita, now Neil!” Get ready for an intense showdown!

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