Bigg Boss 17: Navid Sole marks his exit from the house; Leaves Ankita Lokhande, Abhishek Kumar and Khanzaadi in tears

A sudden surprise eliminations shocked the housemates leading to Navid being eliminated.

The house of Bigg Boss 17 witnessed a surprise elimination in tonight’s episode breaking a two-week eviction hiatus. Recent reports suggest five evictions this week with the introduction of new wildcards. And well, tonight’s episode shows chances of these speculations to turn out to be true, indicating an eventful turn in the show.

Bigg Boss gives a task to the people of Dimaag Makaan where Vicky Jain, Sunny Arya, Arun Srikanth Mashettey, Sana Raees Khan, and Anurag Dobhal were asked to name three contestants they believe have overstayed their time. In the discussion, Neil Bhatt, Navid Sole, Rinku Dhawan, Abhishek Kumar, and Jigna Vora emerge as the subjects of consideration.


In a dramatic turn, Bigg Boss announces that one among the named three contestants must exit. Ankita Lokhande and Abhishek Kumar tearfully react to this. The whole house gets emotional when Navid says that he loves everyone and is grateful to them for accepting him like a family. Abhishek also playfully proposes to Navid to which housemates cheer for them. Munawar Faruqui is also seen hugging and bidding farewell to Navid.

Netizens are quick to react on Navid’s exit from the house. One user said, “Navid chala gaya ek tarah se theek hai, waise bhi woh kuch kar nahi raha tha,” while other wrote, “Navid ko nikalna chahiye that pehle hi.”

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