Bigg Boss 17: Mannara Chopra hurt over Khanzaadi’s comment; says, “They’re trying to supress me”

An agrument breaks between close friends Mannara Chopra and Firoza Khan in the latest Bigg Boss 17 episode.

The latest Bigg Boss 17 saw an argument erupting between Ankita Lokhande and Mannara Chopra.
After which, another argument broke out between Khanzaadi and Mannara Chopra. The two contestants were considered as the best buds inside the Bigg Boss 17 household. However, this argument is surely showing the cracks.

As per the episode, the fight occurred when Mannara sits with Firoza after the former’s fight with Ankita. When Firoza tells Mannara that sometimes her jokes  cross boundaries.


This does not sit well with Mannara who stops Khanzaadi saying, “Haan thik hai. I want to rest now.” While Khanzaadi tries to explain further Mannara doesn’t listen.

Later on Mannara is seen telling, “Firoza tries to debate with me like some power lady, Munawar, he cares for me but doesn’t talk to me. I feel like everybody wants to be around him….I want to enjoy it but I am not liking it.” to Navid sole.

Mannara further adds, “They’re trying to supress me,” as she break down crying. Seeing this Khanzaadi tries to talk to her but Mannara lashes out.

Khanzaadi then tries to explain to Mannara that she is just trying to share what felt wrong. That she is not trying to change her. However, the crying actress doesn’t listen. Firoza further adds, “Now I understand what Ankita felt like.”

Khanzaadi later tries to talk to Mannara again. However Mannara slams her saying, “Merko vibe nahi aa rahi hai, ishke bed ke opposite jo hote hai usse chodti nahi hai woh.” Hurting Khanzaadi in the end replies, “What is is this language Mannara, look at you look at your words.”