Bigg Boss 17: Mannara Chopra gets upset after Khanzaadi passes ‘bhabhi’ comment in context of Munnawar Faruqui; says, “Mujhe ye sab se dur rakho”

Anurag Dobhal was also seen revealing details about Munawar Faruqi’s past relationship with an underage girl during a previous show. 

MC Stan, the winner of Bigg Boss 16, made a special appearance on the stage along with the cast of the movie “Farrey,” bringing adventurous tasks for the contestants in the Bigg Boss 17 house.

During one task, the female contestants were tasked with choosing their preferred type of guy while rejecting the others. Mannara Chopra chose Munawar Faruqi, and he responded with a shayari dedicated to her. However, after the task, when the two danced together, the other contestants referred to Mannara as ‘Bhabhi’ (sister-in-law), a term that seemed to unsettle the actress.


In the task, Khanzaadi called out Munawar Faruqi and MC Stan, stating, “Ek bhabhi bahar hai, ek bhabhi yaha hai.” After the departure of the guests, Anurag Dobhal had a conversation with Mannara. He shared information about Munawar Faruqi’s past relationship with an underage girl during a previous show.

Mannara expressed shock, saying, “What did I do, don’t do this to me,” and clarified that she rejected Munawar because she saw him only as a friend. Anurag also mentioned that Munawar is a divorcee. In the task, Anurag advised the comedian to focus on his own game rather than taking advantage of relationships and creating angles in the show.

After the task, Mannara discussed the incident with Aishwarya Sharma and Rinku Dhawan in the bathroom area. Aishwarya directly asked if Mannara had any feelings for Munawar, and Mannara denied it. Rinku inquired about the reason for Mannara’s upset behavior, suggesting she might have sensed something between them. Aishwarya explained that Mannara felt betrayed as Munawar had not disclosed his marital status to her.

Mannara expressed feeling conscious when everyone referred to her as “bhabhi.” She disclosed details of her conversation with Munawar regarding his marital status, stating, “I have a baby, I’m a divorcee, and I have a girlfriend outside,” according to what he told her.

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