Bigg Boss 17 Live Shorts: Sunny Arya makes fun of Ankita Lokhande stealing apples infront of Vicky Jain; mimicks, “kal madam ka raaz khul gya”

In a recent Bigg Boss 17 Live Shorts clip, Sunny Arya reveals Ankita Lokhande’s apple theft, leading to a humorous conversation with Arun Mashettey and Vicky Jain.

In the most recent Bigg Boss 17 Live Shorts clip, Arun Mashettey, Sunny Arya aka Tehelka Bhai and Vicky Jain were seen discussing the stolen apples from the controversial house. In the clip, Tehelka reveals how Ankita steals the apples and keeps it for herself. He even makes fun of it with the two of them in the conversation.

This Bigg Boss 17 Live Shorts clip opens with Vicky Jain joining the conversation happening between Arun and Sunny. He asks, “Kya chal raha hai?” Sunny and Arun replies, “Kuch nahi bas hmre bichka masla.” Vicky then insists on letting him know.


Sunny then reveals that Ankita steels the apples. He says, “Joh fruit nike hai woh bathroom sae nikle hai na?” Arun then shares, “Dil ke makaan mein sae nikle. Ankita ji kya kari thi na woh bag mein daalke rakhti hai.”

He then reveals how the apples were confiscated and the other contestants now have taken the entire bag with them. He also mentions that this is what they were trying to clear out between the two.

Sunny then makes mimicry of it and in a shrill voice says, “Guys ek baat sunno joh Ankita Lokhande hai na Vicky ki wife woh bahut saare fruit ek bag ke aandar chupa ke beithi thi kal madam ka raaz khul gya. Phir Vicky bhai ne aailan kia ki mein rule todunga aur Arun aur tehlka ke sath todunga.”

The episode updates also show a physical altercation between Abhishek and Vicky due to a weekly ration issue. The two later apologised to each other for the same.