Bigg Boss 17 Live Shorts: Mannara Chopra shares her experience on the show with Neil Bhatt; latter says, “Ek point ke baad aap bhul jate ho that you’re being watched”

Mannara Chopra, Neil Bhatt, and Isha Malviya discuss their experiences on the show, expressing initial disbelief, conscious camera awareness, and eventual comfort with being watched.

In the latest Bigg Boss 17 Live Shorts video clip, Mannara Chopra along with Neil Bhatt and Isha Malviya share their experience with the controversial show, their expectations as well as the reality that they have been living so far. The group also talks about cameras being everywhere, being conscious about them and later getting comfortable and used to them.

This Live Shorts clip opens with Neil Bhatt mouthing a catchy lyric as they sort out their clothes. Mannara then opens up about her not able to believe that she is participating in Bigg Boss 17. She said, “I can’t believe ki mein Bigg Boss ke liye aayi hu.” Isha chimes in and agrees by sharing that even she sometimes gets into denial about her participation. She said, “Pura set dekhte rehte hai, aisa khade rehkar.” Neil Bhatt too joins in and says, “Mein bolta nahi hu warna aisa lagega ki abhi tak ishke andar sink in nahi hua hai.”


Mannara then continues and shares, “Meine hamesha socha tha ki agar mei kabhi kisi show mein jaungi jaha really you have to show your full life toh it will be very conscious and uh know aisa kuch ki like I am very comfortable in my own skin. And now I am doing it but bahut comfortably.

Neil chimes in and adds, “Ek point ke baad aap bhul jate ho that you’re being watched and agar woh sochog toh apna baatchit kese karoge. Like how will you be you? So ek point ke baad I think woh jata hai.”