Bigg Boss 17 Live Shorts: Khanzaadi shares snippets of her fight with Isha Malviya to Mannara Chopra; says, “Maine uske taraf dekhti hi nahi hu!”

Khanzaadi shares her conversation with Mannara Chopra about Isha Malviya. She explains how she asked Isha to stop interfering in fights and arguments.

In the latest Bigg Boss 17 Live Shorts clip, Khanzaadi was seen sharing the highlights of her conversation with Isha Malviya to Sana Raees Khan and Mannara Chopra. During their conversation, she explains how she was trying to make Isha understand to stop interfering in her matters and how she is not interested in fighting or arguing with her.

Sharing her conversation in the Live Shorts video she says, “Maine Isha ko yeh bola ki uhsko mujhse problem kya hai. Mein tere mudde ke bich kabhi nahi aayi hu na hi mujhe kabhi aana hai. Tu agar mere ladaai ke bich aati bhi hai toh tere taraf dekhti bhi nahi hu.”


Khanzaadi further shares that she doesn’t want her to fight for her and interfere in the matter as she feels that the situation will only get worse. She personally also feels that someone should put their point of view after she has calmed down.

Mannara then points out how the whole issue is wrong and that coming between someone’s fight is not right. Khanzaadi agrees and says, “Haa toh unhi ke language mein, I said ki I will ignore you and mujhe nahi chahiye ki aap bichme aao.”

To the uninitiated, Khanzaadi and Isha Malviya had a slight fight due to their egos clashing over Isha getting in the middle of the rapper’s arguments and stans. The previous episode on the other hand showed Ankita chasing Vicky Jain with a slipper because the latter took Khanzaadi’s side and playfully dragged her.