Bigg Boss 17 Live Shorts: Abhishek Kumar teases Samarth Jurel for looking at Sana Raees Khan; taunts, “tu mujhse motivate toh hota hai”

Abhishek teases Samarth about looking at Sana. Samarth denies but later explains. Abhishek continues teasing, leading to a playful exchange.

In the most recent Bigg Boss 17 Live Shorts video clip Abhishek Kumar teases Samarth Jurel about secretly looking at Sana Raees Khan. Samarth surprised denies it first then explains the reason. Abhishek ends up teasing him about following him.

This Live Shorts clip opens with Isha Malviya and Abhishek Kumar talking about Samarth Jurel in the garden area of the Bigg Boss 17 house. Samarth overhears their conversation and urges the two to talk to him about it directly. He says, “Kya bolna hai sun liya hai maine. Bol ab mujhe.” Isha interjects and points out saying, “Kuch bhi bol rahe ho man sae.”


Abhishek then talks about him looking back at co-contestant Sana Raees Khan. Abhishek talking to Samarth says, “Meine bola ki joh tu dusro ko aake bataye woh tu tuje direct bolde. Toh abhi Sana ko dekh raha tha toh woh ushe bata raha tha.” Samarth then explains how it meant nothing and it was for fun. Abhishek agrees and explains that he taunted him for the same.  He said, “Aapke nazar mein clarity dikh rahi hai.”

Samarth exclaims how he got scarred for no reason and makes sounds of frustration. Abhishek teasing Samarth again says, “Ab tu mujhse motivate toh hota hai.”

The upcoming Bigg Boss 17 episode will highlight how sleeping is not permitted in the house during the day, despite contestants’ persistent disregard for the rules. Isha Malviya was seen dozing off in a recent promo, so Arun urged her to wake up quickly. Abhishek Kumar warned Arun about his tone. Things did not go well between him and Tehelka, as they were both seen physically abusing Abhishek.