Bigg Boss 17 Live Feed: Munawar Faruqui explains shades of his personality to Rinku Dhawan; says, “Meri samjhdari is everything for me”

Rinku Dhawan questions Munawar Faruqui about his personality. Munawar acknowledges his flaws but asserts his ethical behavior, discussing both the dark and bright aspects of himself.

In the latest Bigg Boss 17 Live Feed video clip, Rinku Dhawan asks Munawar Faruqui about his personality wondering if he is the same person he portrays or if is it just for his fans and audience. Munwar then explains both the dark and bright of his personality. In their chat, he reveals how he carries and understands both of his sides while also being an ethically right person no matter what.

This Live Feed clip opens with Rinku Dhawan questioning Munawar. She asks, “Tu bahut acha insaan hai, bahut zayda samjhdar hai yah shatir/ bhola/ anjaan banne ki koshish karta hai?” Munawar answering Rinkus’s queries says, “Mein samjhdar insaan hu, acha insaan hu for sure mujhe pata hai. Mere andar khamiyan bahut hai but bahu hi acha insaan nahi hu. Mein ek normal insaan ki tarah ethically logo ki condition ko samajh kar achse baat karunga.”  He then explains how he would laugh off a wrong order without putting anyone down.


Munawar then explains about his dark side and how even that part of him helps him grow in life. Continuing further the comedian says, “Mere andar dark cheezein bhi hai. But joh samjhdari hai woh clearly dikhati hai. Mere khayal sae meri samjhdari is everything for me.”

The upcoming promo shows, a verbal fight erupting between friends Munawar and Abhishek Kumar over the former supporting Mannara Chopra. Abhishek had a fight with Mannara Chopra in the middle of the night. This incident with his friend Munawar taking a stand for Mannara instead of staying out of the fight hurt Abhishek Kumar.