Bigg Boss 17 Live Feed: Abhishek Kumar questions Vicky Jain not nominating Sana Raees Khan; says, “Pyaar toh nahi ho gya hai usse?”

Recent episode sparks intrigue as Vicky avoids nominating Sana, prompting Abhishek Kumar to question their relationship. Vicky denies any romantic involvement.

Bigg Boss 17 is currently headlining with memes and feeds filled with pictures and comments of the show circulating on social media platforms. Inside the controversial house, the contestants have been busy with fights and arguments. We can see that Ankita is upset with Vicky in the house because she hasn’t been receiving as much attention from him as she does.

Although she never expressed it, she has also been uneasy about Vicky and Sana Raees Khan’s close relationship. Salman Khan was seen making fun of Vicky for holding Sana’s hands in the previous episodes of Weekend Ka Vaar. He was also criticized widely on social media for holding Sana’s hands. Vicky and Sana have had numerous ugly arguments, and she has spoken negatively about him on numerous occasions. However, they reunite as friends in the end. Even changing her bed to allow Vicky and Ankita to share a bed was something Sana had refused to do. This had escalated into a heated argument, but eventually things were resolved.


In the recent Bigg Boss 17 episode, Vicky Jain fought with Sana Raees Khan yet again but this didn’t prompt Vicky to nominate the co-contestant. This sparked questions amongst the contestants. As per the Live Feed clip. Abhishek is seen asking Vicky the reason behind him not nominating Sana despite her giving him multiple reasons to do so.

In the video, Abhishek directly questions Vicky, “Pyaar toh nahi ho gya hai usse?” Vicky says there’s nothing like that and quickly brushes off the question. Vicky then gets teased by Munawar and Abhishek using her name.