Bigg Boss 17 Live Feed: Abhishek Kumar defends Ankita Lokhande after her fight with Isha Malviya, says, “Aap jab khud perfect ho tab dusro par ungli uthao”

A recent clash with Isha Malviya over bathroom cleaning has sparked discussions online, with Abhishek Kumar defending Ankita’s approach in a live feed clip.

Ankita Lokhande is causing quite a commotion in the Bigg Boss 17 house. After a heated argument with Neil Bhatt over nominations, she’s now at the center of a viral feud with Isha Malviya regarding bathroom cleaning as per the most recent Bigg Boss 17 promo.

In their recent altercation, Isha accuses Ankita of not properly cleaning the bathroom during her duties and claims she has to remind Ankita multiple times. In response, Ankita strongly disagrees, asserting that she does her duty, is not a professional cleaner, and cleans in her own way. This disagreement has sparked discussions among netizens, with many feeling that Isha is unnecessarily stretching the matter.

Now, in a recent Bigg Boss 17 Live Feed clip circulating online, Abhishek Kumar steps in to defend Ankita’s cleaning skills. Engaging in a conversation with Neil Bhatt, Aishwarya Sharma, and Rinku Dhawan, Abhishek emphasizes the importance of self-improvement before criticizing others for cleanliness. He remarks, “Aap jab khud ekdam perfect hote ho tab hi dusro par ungli uthani chahiye, especially cleanliness wale topic par. Hum sab aapne kapde idhr udhar rakh dete hai. Toh hum sirf Ankita ji ko kese blame karte skate. Mana unki bhi fault hai but yeh cheezein soch samaj ke bolni chahiye na.”

As the disputes involving Ankita continue to be a hot topic among housemates, the drama adds layers of tension and intrigue to Bigg Boss 17, keeping viewers eagerly anticipating the unfolding events in the reality show. Moreover, the nomination task will be aired in the upcoming Bigg Boss 17 episode.