Bigg Boss 17: Kamya Punjabi bashes contestants’ strategy in nominations process; says, “Yeh log ghar ghar khel rahe hai”

Bigg Boss 17’s nomination process surprised viewers as rival contestants chose to save each other. Former contestant Kamya Panjabi expressed disappointment, questioning the contestants’ strategy via X.

Bigg Boss 17’s previous episode featured the house conducting the weekly nomination process. The viewers were, however, continuously left in shock by the nomination process when rival contestants chose to save each other despite their lack of friendship. Many people, including Kamya Panjabi, a former contestant on the show, assessed the decision made by a handful of Bigg Boss 17 contestants.

Kamya Panjabi has watched Bigg Boss Season 17 with great enthusiasm. The actress has frequently used her X ( formerly Twitter) account to share her ideas and viewpoints on social media. Kamya expressed her disappointment in the contestants today once more because they were supporting one another in the nominations.


Tweeting her opinion on the process, Kamya shared, “Inko kya lag raha hai ???? Yeh log ghar ghar khel rahe hai kya jo nomination se ek dusre ko aise bacha rahe hai #BB17.”  

Check out the tweet:

Jigna Vora, Ankita Lokhande, Sunny Aryaa aka Tehelka Bhai, Sana Khan, and Anurag Dobhal are the five contestants who were nominated to be eliminated this week following a drawn-out nomination process. Anurag Dobhal was not permitted to take part in the nomination process because Bigg Boss had nominated him until the end of the season.

After asking the competitors to assemble, Bigg Boss gives them the ration task. Bigg Boss removes the ration task from Mannara Chopra because she did not play the task with all her might and instead saved the ration for other roommates. Mannara was reprimanded by the Dil and Dum room members for causing disruptions during the task.