Bigg Boss 17: K-Pop singer and wild card entry Aoora opens up on dealing with language barrier in the house; says, “My strong point is not knowing Hindi”

The K-Pop singer is also keen in teaching the housemates a little bit of his own mother tongue!

K-pop singer Aoora has made a surprising entry into the Bigg Boss 17 house as a wild card contestant. In a pre-entry interview with India Today, Aoora shared insights into why he decided to participate in the Salman Khan-hosted show. The singer also acknowledged his limited knowledge of Hindi, expressing the belief that his unfamiliarity with the language might actually work to his advantage in the competition.

Ahead of entering Bigg Boss 17, in a media interaction, Aoora expressed his excitement, stating, “I am excited because it’s my first time (being on a show like this). So many things are so interesting.” He emphasized his fascination with the idea of living with strangers, sharing, “Living together, cleaning together, and cooking together… I want to make new friends and enjoy together. Cultural differences don’t matter because there will be new experiences. It will be a learning experience.”


Addressing the potential language barrier on the show, Aoora mentioned, “I will try to listen to Hindi, and I will teach everyone Korean. I do know a little bit of Hindi. I will speak in simple Hindi, I’m ready. I don’t speak Hindi, but I am going to Bigg Boss… My strong point is not knowing Hindi. I am emotional, and not knowing the language, I will be able to detach myself. My goal is very simple. I want to give everyone happiness and spread some happy energy.”

Aoora, a former member of the group Double-A and its subunit Aoora and Hoik, has had a notable career in the music industry. He made his debut in September 2009 with the song “Love Back.” Following his group activities, Aoora ventured into a solo career and debuted in March 2014 with the digital single “Body Part.”

Throughout his career, Aoora has released several songs, showcasing his versatility as an artist. Some of his notable tracks include “69” (2013), “Morning, Lunch and Dinner,” “Coffee” (2016), and “Black Sugar” (2022).

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