Bigg Boss 17: K-Pop sensation Aoora’s family upset with his mockery and facing language barrier; states, “It would be appreciated if everyone could respect his kindness”

K-Pop sensation Aoora’s family expresses concern over his limited screen time on Bigg Boss 17, attributing it to a perceived lack of importance.

K-Pop sensation and Bigg Boss 17’s of the new wildcards Aoora made headlines for his entry into the controversial house. While one can see the Korean singer chatting around the house bonding with contestatns, it seems that  his screen time seems to have been limited and that the language barrier has been affecting gameplan.

In the recent updates, his family expressed their displeasure with the show. His family claimed in a statement that the singer’s ‘kindness and innocence’ are being mocked inside the house due to the language barrier.


They also claimed that Aoora is not getting enough screen time on the show, possibly because he is not considered important enough to win the season. According to a media source, the family stated, “As his family and someone who knows him well, we are saddened by how his kindness and innocence are being mocked inside the house. He is a kind and caring person who believes in anyone nice to him. We firmly believe good vibes and love transcend language barriers. He has been trying to connect with everyone, understand them, and learn more. It would be appreciated if everyone could respect his kindness and focus on enjoying the experience rather than engaging in mockery.”

The family also alleged Aoora not getting enough screentime on the Bigg Boss 17 show. On the issue they said, “We are also upset that Aoora is not getting the screen time he deserves. Is it that he is not being considered as someone who can win this show? we strongly feel that he is more entertaining and interesting than many others inside the house.”