Bigg Boss 17: K-Pop fans assemble- Korean singer Aoora all set to enter the show as a wild card entry; Here’s the scoop!

The surprise entry of K-Pop singer Aoora as a wild card contestant on Salman Khan’s show in December has left netizens shocked.

The wildest crossover will be witnessed with the grace of Bigg Boss 17 makers!

The casting for Bigg Boss 17 continues to add excitement with the potential entry of K-Pop singer Aoora. Shocking right? Those familiar with K-Pop in India may recognize Aoora, who has spent several months in the country, creating Indo-Korean versions of Bollywood songs. Known for his dancing and performance skills, Aoora has performed in various Indian states and has even established a presence in Mumbai with his own YouTube channel. The news of a Korean-speaking participant entering the show has left netizens surprised and intrigued.


Aoora, whose real name is Park Geun-e, hails from Seoul and is 37 years old. He gained recognition as part of idol groups in South Korea, showcasing his talents as a rapper, singer, and composer. Aoora garnered attention in India after his viral rendition of Bappi Lahiri’s classic hit “Jimmy Jimmy.” He expressed his love for India, noting that the vibrant atmosphere aligns with his personality.

The announcement of Aoora’s entry has sparked surprise among many, with concerns raised about communication, as he predominantly speaks Korean. Fans are curious about how he will communicate effectively inside the Hindi-speaking house. Some have criticized the choice, stating that the makers may have overlooked the fact that the show is in Hindi. Additionally, there is a sentiment that other controversial personalities could have been considered for the show instead of Aoora.

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