Bigg Boss 17: Hashtag ‘WE STAND WITH ABHISHEK’ trends as netizens stand up for Abhishek Kumar after his fight with Tehelka Bhai; say, “Yaar this is so heartwrenching”

Bigg Boss 17 witnessed a heated clash between Abhishek Kumar and Sunny Arya, escalating to physical violence. Abhishek faced aggression from Arun too. Fans rallied support with ‘WE STAND WITH ABHISHEK,’ expressing dismay over the situation.

The most recent Bigg Boss 17 episode showed a fight breaking out between Abhishek Kumar and Tehelka Bhai aka Sunny Arya. Previously, Isha Malviya was caught napping, prompting Arun to abruptly wake her. Arun was warned about his tone by Abhishek Kumar. This did not sit well with him and Tehelka, who were both seen engaging in physical violence against Abhishek.

Abhishek intervened, requesting that Arun speak in a more polite tone. Arun, on the other hand, flatly denies, while becoming aggressive towards Abhishek. The scene changed to Abhishek sitting on a chair in the garden. Sunny warned him not to intervene, grabbing Abhishek’s collar in the process.


This whole exchange made the Bigg Boss 17 audience as well as Abhisek’s fans upset. This led to netizens standing up for the actor with the  hashtag ‘WE STAND WITH ABHISHEK’ trending on X. On the platform, the hashtag is currently trending with over 82k+ posts. Fans in the trend talked about the scenario being heartwrenching for them while others even pointed out the hypocrisy of it all. 

One of the fans tweeted, “Yaar this is so heartwrenching for me!! Stay strong champ! Sending positivity! Seing him like this we can’t control our emotions This all has happened to him how mucht he can control his agression and remain calm it’s totally justified WE STAND WITH ABHISHEK.” While another fan wrote, “The guy has gone through a lot in life. The insensitive people around him have turned a loving personality into an aggressive one. His parents just want him to overcome anxiety and become the son they know.”