Bigg Boss 17: Fans troll Isha Malviya for breaking up with Samarth Jurel in the house; say, “Ab ye Abhishek ke pass jayegi”

A recent incident during the weekend ka vaar showcased Samarth’s disapproval when Isha was styling Abhishek’s hair.

Bigg Boss 17 is enjoying immense popularity with impressive TRPs, sparking lively discussions on social media. Isha Malviya’s journey has been transparent on the show, entering with ex-boyfriend Abhishek Kumar, navigating through conflicts, and eventually reconciling. The plot thickened when her current boyfriend, Samarth Jurel, entered as a wild card contestant. Initially denying their relationship, Isha later confirmed Samarth to be her boyfriend.

In the Bigg Boss house, Isha is now romantically involved with Samarth, and surprisingly, the trio maintains a cordial relationship. However, there have been moments where Samarth expressed discomfort with Isha and Abhishek being friends. A recent incident during the weekend ka vaar showcased Samarth’s disapproval when Isha was styling Abhishek’s hair.


In response to Samarth’s discomfort, Isha mentioned that she would inform Abhishek about Samarth’s preference for them not talking. Additionally, a recent altercation occurred between Isha, Sana, and Khanzaadi, with Sana accusing Khanzaadi of avoiding direct communication and engaging in backbiting instead.

The drama escalated as Isha and Khanzaadi engaged in a heated argument, dragging each other’s families into the conflict. Khanzaadi accused Isha of orchestrating a ‘fake love angle with two boys’ for strategic reasons in the game. Samarth intervened, urging them not to unnecessarily involve his name in the dispute. The tension escalated further as Isha and Samarth engaged in a heated argument, resulting in Isha declaring a breakup with Samarth. The revelation left everyone in the house stunned!

Fans on social media have been expressing their reactions, with many speculating that Isha might rekindle her connection with Abhishek after this development. One user wrote, “Scripted fake love story. Ab Abhishek ke sath karegi wo. Samarth evict hoga.”

While other user bashed Isha for behaving immature, “Its clearly Isha’s fault. If I am telling my gf to stay away from her ex and she says I will tell him what you said and stop talking, I will leave someone that moment.” Another user went with the trend and said, “Moye Moye.”

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