Bigg Boss 17 BB Quicks: Samarth Jurel teases Rinku Dhawan for triggering the kukkdu-ku alarm; Check out their playful conversation

Samarth Jurel teases Rinku Dhawan for breaking the no-sleep rule, causing the Kukkdu ku alarm to go off.

Bigg Boss 17 house is known for it’s fights and controversies. Over the course of the competition some contestants also form positive bonds as well. As per the most recent Bigg Boss 17 BB Quicks video clips Samarth Jurel was seen making fun of Rinku Dhawan as she awakens rather rapidly due to Bigg Boss’s Kukkdu ku alarm going off. Check out their candid conversation below.

This BB Quicks clip opens in the bedroom area wherein Rinku Dhawan is sleeping in the bedroom area in the middle of the day. When the Kukkdu ku alarm goes off unexpectedly. Hearing this Rinku is seen rather irritated. Seeing Samarth enters the bedroom area to find out the culprit. This led to Samarth making fun of Rinku. Housemates also start laughing at the unexpected rule break. He said, “Kon Bhaga dekha nahi maine?”


When Rinku answers, “Hum soye nahi the, Ghar Ghar khel rahe the.” Samarth teasingly exclaims, “Mat khelo yeh sab, ishliye Bigg Boss ne yeh alarm bajaya hai.”

He then starts explaining the entire incident to other contestants as well. Teasing Rinku he also creates some hand gestures to help her stay awake and not break the house rule.

To the uninitiated, Bigg Boss 17 house implements a rule wherein the contestants are not supposed to sleep after the morning buzzer. Anyone breaking the rule leads to the Kukkdu ku alarm going off, alerting the housemates of rule break. Breaking the rule multiples times has also led to some contestants getting a serious schooling in the Weekend ka vaar episodes.