Bigg Boss 17 BB Quicks: Mannara Chopra and Khanzaadi compare fellow housemates to Sharks; Here’s why!

Mannara Chopra calls contestants ‘Sharks,’ with Khanzaadi inviting her abroad leading to a humorous conversation.

In the recent Bigg Boss 17 BB Quicks video clip, Mannara Chopra was seen calling her fellow contestants ‘Sharks.’ The video also shows evicted contestant Khanzaadi inviting Mannara to go abroad with her.

This BB Quicks clip starts with Mannara Chopra and Khanzaadi having a candid conversation about the Bigg Boss 17 contestants and the things they aspire to do after the show. The video then cuts to Khanzaadi inviting Mannara to go abroad together. Mannara replies, “Pehle Sharks ke bichme sae toh bahar niklun mein.” Here Mannara is comparing her fellow contestants to sharks. Khanzaadi then corrects her saying, “Shark toh tum ho baki sab toh chillar party hai.” Mannara disagrees and points out that if it had been the case then she would have been the one winning the tasks in the game. She said, “Ek toh dimaag nahi hai mujhme warna mein bhi Shark ban sakti thi.”


The two then compare themselves to some species of fish which results in Mannara telling that they can’t be a fish. Khanzaadi then tells her to become a sea itself referring to the one generating opportunities for the sharks or fishes to live in. The analogy here refers to being the one contestant who creates conflicts inside the house. Mannara then says, “Samandar bano toh bahar ki duniya sae itni chaw chaw aati hai bahar ki duniya sae aur masle toh mujhe yaad nahi rehte.”

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