Bigg Boss 17 BB Quicks: Ankita Lokhande consoles crying Jigna Vora; motivates saying, “Sabse zayda jarurat ish platform ki ma’am ko hai”

Jigna Vora expresses deep sadness over Navid Sole’s elimination. Ankita Lokhande consoles her, emphasizing the significance of the Bigg Boss platform. Jigna, feeling guilty, acknowledges the importance of staying in the competition.

In the most recent Bigg Boss 17 BB Quicks video clip, Jigna Vora is seen quite upset over Navid Sole’s elimination and discusses the same with co-contestant Ankita Lokhande. Ankita who is consoling her, makes her understand why Bigg Boss as platform is important for Jigna.

This BB Quicks clip opens with Jigna Vora crying inconsolably while Ankita is trying to calm her down. Jigna crying says, “Aaj mujhe guilt feel ho raha that ki shayad meri wajah sae aaj Navid ka yeh time aya hai. Mein bas itna bol rahi this ki yaar mein nikal jaati hu lekin ushko rehne do. Aur kuch reason hi nahi hai mere pass quit hone ka Kyuki mere liye yeh platform bahut important hai.


Ankita picking up from there makes Jigna understand the importance of Bigg Boss. She says, “Wohi, hum yehi baat kare the. Sabse zayda jarurat ish platform ki aaj ma’am ko hai. Kyuki Navid kahina kahi is well to do and knows exactly woh kis position par hai. Even Rinku ma’am is stronger.”

Jigna then explains how this is the first time in the season that she has wished to be the one going home instead of Navid. She explains how she feels guilty and beyond that, she understands that Bigg Boss as a platform is very important to her.

To the unintaited, both Navid Sole and Jigna Vora have been evicted from the Bigg Boss 17 house. Jigna recently named Rinku Dhawan as her favourite contestant. She also bashed Khanzaadi in a Bigg Buzz episode.