Bigg Boss 17 BB Quicks: Abhishek Kumar and Munawar Faruqui address their negative traits; latter advises, “jis angle se galtiya kar raha hai woh angle hatta de”

Abhishek and Munawar discuss Abhishek’s negative traits. Munawar advises him on improvement, emphasizing growth and addressing past challenges in the controversial reality show.

Bigg Boss 17 has been making headlines for its fights and controversies from the beginning of the season. In the latest Bigg Boss 17 BB Quicks video clip, Abhishek Kumar and Munawar Faruqui have a candid conversation about the former’s negative traits. Their conversation addresses Abhishek’s negative traits and areas of improvement to perform well in the Bigg Boss 17 competition. The two also reflect on their personal growth as the contestants of the controversial growth.

This BB Quicks clip opens in the garden area with Munawar and Abhishek having a candid chat on self-growth and self-reflection. Munawar in their conversation asks, “Agar mujhe bol diya na Isha ke liye toh mein ushko face nahi kar pata toh woh jahan jahan hogi mein waha nahi ho pata.”


Munawar advises Abhishek saying, “Toh aage terko badhna hai toh tereko Isha-Samarth ke aagae badhna padega is show mein. Tu acha kar raha hai show mein par agar teri galtiyan badi hongi toh teri choti acchaiyan address nahi kia jayngi. Toh tu jis angle sae galtiya kar raha hai woh angle hatta de.” Abhishek agrees to work on his issues.

Munawar then talks about his negative trait with context to the game, “Mein kantal jata hu koi koi topic sae.” He then explains how certain topics in the house bore him to the point he doesn’t want to be part of the conversation. He then recalls back to his fight with Sana Raees Khan and Vicky Jain and how he was the first one to let go of the topic.”