Bigg Boss 17: Anurag Dobhal’s fans troll Kamya Punjabi for taking a stand against him; Check out her tweet

Kamya Panjabi, ex-Bigg Boss contestant, tweets against Anurag Dobhal’s complaints, revealing how his ‘brosena’ trolled her for criticizing him.

Bigg Boss 17 is making headlines due to the interesting content provided by the housemates. They’ve made the show very entertaining, and as a result, the TRPs are very high. Currently, the drama in the house revolves around Anurag Dobhal. Anurag has accused the makers of Bigg Boss 17 of being biased against Ankita Lokhande and other TV stars. He stated that they are receiving preferential treatment in the house. He also objected to Salman Khan slamming him and mentioning his Bro Sena. However, it was Anurag who brought these topics up.

Bigg Boss has also been sarcastic with him, and after hearing his complaints, he summoned the entire house. Bigg Boss chastised Anurag for spreading negativity and declared that the game would now be Bigg Boss vs Anurag. Anurag has also stated that he wishes to leave the show and is willing to pay Rs 2 crores.


However, he decided against it. Many Bigg Boss fans are slamming Anurag for constantly complaining about his Bro Sena and fighting the producers. Kamya Panjabi, a former Bigg Boss contestant, recently tweeted against Anurag after he continued to complain and argue with Bigg Boss. On the topic, she even shared how Anurag’s ‘brosena’ trolled her for tweeting against the YouTuber.

In her tweet, she wrote, “Well Anurag was worried ki baahar kya ho raha hai, he should definitely see this! Inke liye he is been fighting with the makers? So sad! To each one of you… bolte raho… mujhe koi fark nahi padta! All the best!”

Check out her tweet here: