Bigg Boss 17: Anurag Dobhal’s brother bashes makers for targetting the former; says, “4 Crore mein aur mera bhai dete hai, usko abhi ke abhi bahar nikalo”

Yesterday’s episode witnessed some major showdown between Bigg Boss and Anurag which led to the latter asking for a voluntary exit.

Bigg Boss 17 is running high on drama and fans are absolutely loving it. While the contestants are constantly figuring out one way or the other to be in the headlines, Anurag Dobhal has been consistent for being in news for not so great reasons. In the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, the host Salman Khan lost his temper on Anurag where the former was even heard saying that it’s pointless to talk to him.

In yesterday’s episode, Anurag was seen cribbing about how Bigg Boss has been favouring Ankita Lokhande and allows her to take naps while on the other hand he isn’t even allowed to lay wide awake. This conversation of Anurag with other housemates enrages Bigg Boss leading to a massive showdown where Bigg Boss bashed him for constant complains and even tagged him as a ‘cry baby.’


Bigg Boss was even seen warning Anurag about his antics and that he should be prepared to face consequences if his drama continues. Following this, Anurag demands a voluntary exit from the show. However, other contestants explain him that this step of his would count as a breach of contract and that he will have to pay a heafty amount as a penalty.

Now, Anurag’s brother Atul Dobhal has come out in his support, demanding immediate exit of the former from the show. He posted an Instagram story where he has bashed the makers for targetting Anurag. Atul wrote, “Jhukna nahi bas, tu ladd mein hu. 4 cr mein aur mera bhai dete hai, usko abhi bahar bhejo. Bina wajah ka target inka. Kama lenge wapas se meri jaan milkar. Par jhukege nahi chahe kuch bhi ho.”

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