Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande cries after Mannara Chopra misbehaves with her; says, “Mein nahi reh sakti ese logo ke sath, mujhe ghar jana hai”

The ongoing conflicts between Mannara and Ankita became a focal point during the recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

The ongoing conflict between Bigg Boss 17 contestants Ankita Lokhande and Mannara Chopra continues, with no signs of resolution. In the recent episode, the duo went on to share a heated exchange. And this time, Ankita breaks down emotionally, feeling targeted by Mannara.

Ankita and Mannara were seen engaging in a conversation in the garden area with other contestants present. Mannara advises Ankita not to pursue certain thoughts, even telling her to ‘Go from here.’ Ankita, visibly upset by Mannara’s behaviour, decides to leave the conversation and the area.


In a conversation with Sana Raees Khan later, Ankita expresses her frustration, stating, “Mein thak gayi hu iss ladki se. I am starting to feel pain. Mein ese logo ke sath nahi reh sakti yaar. Mere dimag mein ese ghande thoughts nahi atte. I’m not like that.” The emotional toll becomes evident as Ankita goes to her husband Vicky Jain, tearfully explaining, “Mannara kese baat karti hai yaar mujhse. Please kuch karo, mujhe ghar jana hai. Mein nahi reh paugi yaha Vicky, ghar chalo.” Vicky on the other hand is seen explaining her that one should not quit in the moment of being angry or upset. He says, “Shaant hoja, usko ignore kar. Ab kya kar sakte hai na, rehna toh padega. Uss se dur ho reh lete hai.”

The ongoing conflicts between Mannara and Ankita became a focal point during the recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode, where Karan Johar took over hosting duties from Salman Khan.

In a video message from Ektaa Kapoor played for the contestants, she addressed Ankita’s husband, Vicky Jain, urging him to be kind to his wife. Ektaa Kapoor expressed her disappointment, stating, “I used to see Vicky and Ankita as the ultimate couple. Between strength and heart, they left behind their brain. She has been heartbroken many times; please be nice to her. She is very sensitive.”

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