Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain reveal they face hair baldness concerns; former says, “hair patch ke liye thode injections lene padte hai”

The couple confessed why they needed professional help with their hair clearing the air about Bigg Boss providing hair spa treatment to them.

Bigg Boss 17, in its recent episode  offered a blend of entertainment and drama. The spotlight was on Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande, who received special services under the pretext of their ‘special clauses’ in the contract, triggering discontent among other contestants seeking justice. However, supporting their clause, Vicky and Ankita disclosed their medical challenges, unfolding dynamics of the show.

Addressing the brewing concern, Bigg Boss empowered the housemates to determine whether Vicky and Ankita should continue receiving special services. He said, “Jab tak jyadatar gharwale Vicky aur Ankita ki inn special services ke liye haami nahi bharte, inki ye services raad ki jati hai.” Later, understanding the medical need for the same, housemates tilted in favor of the duo, leading to a resolution within the house.


Vicky shared he relies on a hair patch, seeking expert support. Neil Bhatt supported him, emphasizing the sensitivity on national TV. Ankita was seen sharing that she faces scalp concerns, highlighting the importance of professional assistance.

After a group discussion, contestants agreed that Vicky and Ankita could continue receiving services for medical reasons, as long as it doesn’t extend to grooming and hair spas. Unanimous decision.

However, contestants like Mannara Chopra, Arun Mashettey and Sunny Arya were somewhat not okay with the decision as they felt cheated and also that Bigg Boss is being extremely biased.

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