Bigg Boss 17: Ankit Gupta praises Abhishek Kumar on his personality; says, “He is very sidha and lovable”

Ankit Gupta, co-star of Udariyaan, praised Bigg Boss 17 contestant Abhishek Kumar for his pure heart and lovable personality in a media interview.

Co-star of the television series Udariyaan &  Bigg Boss 16 participant Ankit Gupta, showered actor and Bigg Boss 17 contestant Abhishek Kumar with support and praise in a touching show of friendship. Ankit, who is close to Abhishek, emphasized the actor’s integrity and emotional connection, highlighting his purity of heart in the most recent media interview.

In his media interview, Ankit Gupta gave insights into Abhishek’s character. He said, “Abhishek is very emotional when it comes to relationships. He has a pure heart as he is very ‘Sidha’ and has a lovable personality.” Ankit also explained his honesty and authentic nature inside the Bigg Boss 17 household.


Moreover, the actor also recalled the time when Abhishek helped make him his very first Instagram reel. He said, “My first Instagram reel was made by him. Abhishek was the one who forced me and Priyanka ( Chahar) to open our first YouTube channel.” Ankit then finally concluded his admiration for Abhishek saying, “He is a very helpful and wonderful guy!”

Abhishek has been winning people over in the Bigg Boss 17 house with his fearless approach and sincere manner. He is renowned for being honest and doesn’t hold back when voicing his opinions. Viewers have responded favourably to Abhishek’s sincerity, making him an interesting and sympathetic competitor.

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