Bigg Boss 17: Abhishek Kumar breaks down as Khanzaadi gets evicted from the show; tells her, “bahar kisi aur ko pakad maatt lena!”

Amid hugs and farewells, Khanzaadi leaves the house with a smile, expressing genuine happiness.

During the Weekend Ka Vaar, in yesterday’s episode, the time arrived for the eviction of one of the nominated contestants. Salman Khan revealed that Khanzaadi, having received the lowest votes from the audience, would be leaving the house. Abhishek Kumar, a fellow housemate, bid a teary goodbye to Khanzaadi during this emotional moment on the show.

In the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, four contestants—Vicky Jain, Neil Bhatt, Khanzaadi (Firoza Khan), and Abhishek Kumar—found themselves nominated. Salman Khan, the host, directed the nominated contestants to enter the activity room, where they faced a unique task. Standing in front of graves with their names, Salman instructed them to press a buzzer on the count of three. The first person to press the buzzer would be saved, but the consequence would be limited access to the kitchen, open only for 12 hours a week.


Abhishek Kumar is the first to press the buzzer and secures his safety. However, Salman Khan points out that Abhishek was already safe, having not received the lowest votes.

Next, Salman announces Khanzaadi as the contestant to leave. Surprised, Khanzaadi questions Salman’s seriousness, to which Salman playfully asks if she’s happy about leaving, suggesting that she had expressed a desire to go home. Khanzaadi, however, maintains that she took an oath not to complain and is ready to exit the house.

Emotions run high as Khanzaadi (Firoza Khan) bids farewell to the Bigg Boss 17 house. Abhishek Kumar becomes visibly emotional, urging her not to pursue a relationship with someone else outside. He is heard telling her, “Bahar kisi aur ko pakad maatt lena!” Anurag Dobhal also expresses his sadness and sheds tears. As the contestants gather to say goodbye, Abhishek breaks down, and Khanzaadi comforts him. The former also says, “Wait karna bahar.”

Amid hugs and farewells, Khanzaadi leaves the house with a smile, expressing genuine happiness. Anurag Dobhal inquires about her happiness, and she confirms that she is genuinely content this time. Ankita Lokhande is later seen consoling the emotional Abhishek Kumar.

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