Bigg Boss 17: Abhishek Kumar bashes Vicky Jain for his gameplan; says, “Himmat hai toh sidhe sidhe baat kar mujhse”

A video surfaces of Abhishek Kumar criticizing Vicky Jain’s gameplan. Abhishek challenges Vicky to change his strategy or confront him directly after a fallout in nominations.

One of the most popular reality shows on Indian television is Bigg Boss. Salman Khan, the show’s weekend host, brought the 17th edition back last month with 15 new contestants. Social media users are currently sharing a video of Vicky Jain being criticized for his style of play and put down by Abhishek Kumar.

It appears that there is a problem with Abhishek Kumar and Vicky Jain’s bond. In the video, Abhishek is audibly saying, “Joh teesra hai ushko lgta hai ki mein game mein aa chuka hoon. Unko lgta hai ki mein kisi aur ke balboote par aaya hu par usko yeh nai pata hai ki abhi bhi sher yahan par baithe hain. Abhi bhi ushko dikhna chahiye ki unke bhi upar log beithe hai…apne ko zayda samjhna yeh game par zayda galat ho jyga.


Continuing further in his bashing he talks about Vicky’s game plan and how his talking good about everyone is not going to get him ahead in the Bigg Boss 17 game. Abhishek further challenges him to either change his game plan or talk to him directly. He says, “Yah toh tu gameplan change kar yah himmat hai toh sidhe sidhe baat kar mujhse.”

This bashing towards Vicky stems from the previous nominations task wherein the Dimaag house contestants were instructed by Bigg Boss to nominate someone from the house. The housemates took Abhishek’s name and pointed the blame on Vicky. This led to Abhishek questioning Vicky’s Bhai-chara and friendship. Resulting in a brief argument breaking out between the two inside the Bigg Boss 17 house.