Bigg Boss 16: “You know, Bigg Boss house next to my house;” Abdu Rozik shares his dream

Abdu says, “then i meet my father, I say after, give my phone please.”


Abdu Rozik in one of the live shorts videos uploaded on Voot shares his dream he saw last night with Tina Datta and Archana Gautam. They are all sitting outside on the couch in the garden area, chilling. Abdu says, “last night I see dream.” Tina Datta asks, “what did you see in your dream.” Abdu replies, “I see, I back in my country, in my house.” Tina exclaims, “wow.” Abdu continues, “what I see, Bigg Boss house near my house, next to my house.” Tina excitedly says, “wow.” Archana Gautam is also listening sitting nearby.

Abdu then continues, “I see my brother.” He further adds on, “then i meet my father, I say after, give my phone please.” Tina Datta laughingly asks, “oh so did your father give back your phone?” Abdu says, “going after Bigg Boss, after talking my father, give phone.” He adds, “after my father i tell, please give my phone, I check what happening on social media.” Tina says, “hmm, then?” Abdu says, “my father says, “nothing happening, sabh normal.” This makes both Tina and Archana laugh out and Archana repeats Abdu and says, “sabh normal.”

Abdu then says, “then i talk my brother after my father come. I turn, I see after only I leave Bigg Boss house and so pretty, all light on. and Bigg Boss talking, I hear Bigg Boss voice.” Tina exclaims, “wow.”