Bigg Boss 16: With a circus theme, four bedrooms, “Maut Ka Kuan,” and a luxurious captain room with a jacuzzi, the house receives a stunning transformation


This season’s Bigg Boss 16 contestants are in for a treat. Designer Omung Kumar and his wife Vanitha have given the home a stunning makeover.  The home features four bedrooms for the first time in Bigg Boss history, an opulent captain room with a jacuzzi, an elaborate mezzanine level, a “maut ka kuan,” and toilets that have been transformed into tents.

Numerous additional additions were made to the home, many of which were selected by Omung Kumar and his wife Vanitha. The garden area was created with the intention of evoking the atmosphere of a circus’ backyard. The large sculpture of an attention-grabbing horse constructed of a lovely mirror mosaic that is located near the pool is one of the house’s garden area’s key attractions.

A large colourful couch and animal sculptures on the wall in the living room. Additionally, a television where Salman Khan will engage with the participants can be found in the lounge area. However, it has been moved next to the kitchen area. Although the location is in black and white, the surroundings are colourful. Furthermore, the dining table is shaped like a huge carousel and is situated in the middle of the house.


There will be four bedrooms in the Bigg Boss house, each with a unique theme.  While components of the “Black & White Room,” are a different shade of black or white, this room features two sofas, two beds with storage, and a side table straight out of a mime’s world. Large cards towering over its walls give the “Cards Room” a mysterious feel.

The confessional has been transformed into a fancy circus waggon for Season 16. It seems regal because of the lights and the colour red. In the backyard, the restrooms are decorated as tents.


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