Bigg Boss 16: Why was Shiv Thakare cut out from Janhvi Kapoor’s task? Netizens question makers

There was a promo that made the fans excited and eager to see Shiv Thakare dunking Nimrit Ahluwalia’s face in ice-cold water but it wasn’t shown in the episode.

Janhvi Kapoor had come to Bigg Boss 16’s house yesterday along with her co-star Sunny Kaushal, to promote their film, Mili, which got released in theatres on November 4th, 2022. Janhvi, along with flirting with Abdu and fishing compliments out of him and promoting her film, was also seen playing a rather nasty task with the housemates. The task was related to the concept of her film, where the character she’s playing gets locked in a freezer. So, she and Sunny would one by one call three contestants at a time and ask one of them some questions and whosoever’s name comes as the answer to the question, their face would be dunked in a bowl of ice-cold water.

This task was telecast yesterday, where Nimrit Ahluwalia had dunker her former best friend, Gautam Singh Vig’s face many times against her now good friend, Shalin Bhanot’s. Even MC Stan was called by Janhvi and Sunny and he was asked questions involving ‘Udaariyaan’ fame Ankit Gupta and the wannabe politician from Merut, Archana Gautam.


There was a promo that did its rounds on social media the entire day yesterday and made the fans excited and eager to see Shiv Thakare dunking his newly-found fondness Nimrit Ahluwalia’s face in ice-cold water when Sunny Kaushal asked him, “kaun inmein se paltu hai, jo apni convenience ke hisab se raye badal deti hai.” This choice was to be made between Nimrit and Priyana Chahar Choudhary. But, this was not shown in yesterday’s telecast.

Netizens have a lot of questions from Bigg Boss makers on this. Have a look: