Bigg Boss 16: Why is Abdu Rozik treated like a king to be impressed? Is he not a contender?

Abdu comes across as genuine and good-hearted. But does that qualify him to escape adverse situations by Bigg Boss?


Abdu Rozik is, undoubtedly, the cutest, most adorable and loved contestant of the Bigg Boss house. Not just that, Abdu is also loved by million of fans of the most controversial show of the country, he is now a part of. Exactly, if he’s a ‘part’ of the house, then why is he treated like he’s a king to be impressed? Why is he favoured by not just the housemates but also the host, Salman Khan? Why is Abdu Rozik given a VIP treatment inside the house? Why is everyone seen giving explanations Abdu for their misbehaviour towards them. Why is he always teamed-up in almost every task with Sajid Khan and both of them together always get the benefit of having an upper hand in every task?

Well, questions are many, but it is understandable that it’s almost impossible to mess with a cutie like Abdu Rozik. Bigg Boss is a show to unveil true personalities of contestants and a show where contestants function, as often mentioned by Bigg Boss himself, “danke ki chot par.” Considering that, Abdu is doing pretty well. He comes across as genuine and good-hearted. But does that qualify him to escape adverse situations by Bigg Boss? Does that qualify him not to be fought with by housemates? Why is Abdu not considered an adult, slipping out of the last of his teens? If there were someone, other than Abdu, from another country taking part in Bigg Boss season 16; same age, but normal height of a 19-year-old young adult, had the contestants and Bigg Boss and Salman Khan and fans treated him in a similar fashion?

Abdu Rozik has the maximum number of followers on social media, compared to all the contestants in the house. So, is treating him well a game play for contestants and Bigg Boss himself to attract more viewers for the show? It is appalling to see contestants acting like Abdu Rozik isn’t a contestant but a toy for their entertainment inside the house. Are the housemates really living with the assumption that Abdu Rozik won’t win the trophy?

It cannot be comprehended why Abdu Rozik is apologised to after nominating him and why does everyone laugh at his jokes, no matter how offensive, but fight with someone else if they crack the same jokes? Why is he always subjected to marriage jokes? Is it because it is obvious for the contestants that no one out of these girls would actually marry him considering his dwarf height? Are we witnessing body shaming level infinity on national television?

Well, as mentioned above, questions are many. We can only hope to raise them and get fair replies. Because if Abdu is put to test, we could actually see a very, very interesting game coming out of that little chap.