Bigg Boss 16: What to expect from week five ‘Weekend Ka Vaar;’ Who will Salman Khan slam and who will he praise?

Soundarya Sharma, Gautam and Ankit Gupta are expected be praised by Salman Khan.


A lot happened ever since Salman Khan left the housemates last weekend, to be on their own. And whenever housemates are left to be on their own, they go wild. And when the contestants of the most controversial show goes wild, then the viewers of Bigg Boss eagerly wait for ‘Weekend Ka Vaar.’ where they can satiate their desire to see Salman Khan bash the contestant who did something wrong or to praise the contestant that the fans love a lot.

This week too, the fans of Bigg Boss season 16 are expecting the host of the show for 12 years, Salman Khan, to bash the contestants up and be fair in doing so.

One of the topics that are definitely picked up by Sallu Bhai is Shalin Bhanot ranting for chicken. This we know from the promo that is doing its rounds on social media today. There are other topics too that the viewers of Bigg Boss are expecting to be talked about by Salman Khan.

First of all, fans wish Salman Khan to bash Sajid Khan for abusing continuously abusing Gautam Singh Vig and even his mother, breaking of Bigg Boss property and also, showing the middle finger to Gautam.

Middle finger issues have been picked up by Salman Khan many times in past seasons and in fact in this season too, when Gori showed it to Sreejita De. Hoping he brings this up besides Sajid being his friend.

Second topic would be explaining why Sajid Khan and his group of friends who were on hunger strike, given food secretly by Bigg Boss.

Third tops that’s expected to be talked about by Salman Khan is Shalin Bhanot asking Tina Datta to use her dog’s death as a sympathy card to win captaincy.

Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Shalin are expected to be schooled by Salman for overacting in every situation.

And lastly, Soundarya Sharma, Gautam and Ankit Gupta are expected be praised by Salman Khan for their good contribution to the show this week.