Bigg Boss 16: Tina Dutta and Pearl V Puri make it to the confirmed contestants list; Have a look


Fans of Bigg Boss are excited for the grand launch that will take place today since the programme is back, but we want to let you know that we have some key details that will make you even more anxious to see the premiere. Look at how few of the contestants that are a part of the programme really encountered one another on stage after they entered the house.

The first one we know to enter the house is Pearl V Puri. The actor Pearl V Puri, who rose to stardom with the Naagin character was detained about a year ago after being charged with assaulting a child. He, however, asserted that he was innocent of all charges.

Next in line is MC Stan. MC Stan arrives on stage with his natural hair colour, which is black; he no longer has his blonde appearance. The musician who became well-known at a young age turned heads while wearing a blue jacket.

We then see Tina Datta. On stage, Tina Datta, a well-known television personality with Uttran, would be seen donning a red saree and killing it with her sass. Salman Khan seems to be really taken aback by her.


The following participant is Sreejita. Sreejita De, who has been active in the business for a while, made her entrance wearing a magnificent black saree with designs. According to rumours, Tina and Sreejita do not get along well. When they performed together on stage, the icy atmosphere was clearly apparent.

We then see Ankit Gupta entering the house making heads turn. Ankit Gupta, a well-known figure himself, has joined the show, and his reserve and composure on stage have set him apart. Many people claim that he exudes winning energy.

The last confirmed participant that we know of so far is Prakruti Mishra.