Bigg Boss 16: Sumbul Touqeer becomes the new captain of the house; Here’s how

Sumbul Touqeer khan, is anyway not been doing anything inside the house.


From a very renowned, reputed and trusted source of Bigg Boss news stories, it is confirmed that Sumbul Touqeer Khan has become the new captain of the Bigg Boss season 16 house. This is the seventh week running in the house, and tonight will be the telecast of this week’s captaincy task. Like every week, contestants will be seen fighting to become the captain of the house.

Captaincy is important for every contestant because it brings with it many privileges and powers. To begin with, captaincy brings with it the very important, immunity. The captain cannot be nominated for the week. Therefore, they cannot be eliminated from the house, unless they break the rules of Bigg Boss’s house. They have the power and authority to segregate duties amongst various housemates. This becomes a good opportunity for the housemate becoming the captain to play their game against the housemates they dislike or they feel are a threat to them. The captain does not have to work at all. The captain even gets their own separate room, which is a very lavish one, considering other rooms. The captain even gets their own stock of snacks and ration and vegetables and fruits. Especially in this season, there are four different rooms for the housemates. So, it is also the captain’s power to change the rooms of housemates, as per their strategy.

Now, Sumbul Touqeer khan, is anyway not been doing anything inside the house. This is a good opportunity for her to prove her mettle. Let’s see if she utilises the powers of the captain well and gain some trust amongst the audience.