Bigg Boss 16: Subuhii Joshi thinks Sumbul Touqeer is too young to be on show, also blames Shalin Bhanot for not stepping up

Subuhii Joshi can currently be seen in the reality show ‘Bigg Buzz,’ alongside actor Krushna Abhishek and actress Kashmera Shah. Sumbul Touqeer, she believes, is too young to be on the show.


Subuhii Joshii, who was last seen in ‘Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai,’ is now appearing in the reality show ‘Bigg Buzz,’ alongside hosts Krushna Abhishek and Kashmera Shah. She thinks Sumbul Touqeer is too young to be a part of the programme.

She stated: “Sumbul is still very young, so now is not the time. She was doing exceptionally well in her life, but I believe she is too young to compete on ‘Bigg Boss.’ Before going to the show, you need to experience a lot of things in life. She is not at fault. I don’t understand how anyone could be obsessed with Shalin. Maybe she likes him as a person, but calling him obsessed is incorrect. Yes, some people express their love and concern for their friends, and perhaps she is one of them.”

In fact, Subuhii stated that Shalin is also to blame. She said, “Why can’t he understand what’s going on if he’s older? Why do you follow her even if she has a crush on you and you don’t? You hug Tina on the other side and then just hang out with Sumbul. “He’s just pretending to be innocent, but he’s not, and he’s equally responsible for what’s going on.”