Bigg Boss 16: “Soundarya Gautam Sharma;” Abdu Rozik teases Soundarya Sharma with her new name

Apparently, Soundarya had teased him first and according to Abdu she had said, “you talking me Nautanki Rozik, eh?”


Abdu Rozik is not just a cute fella, but also a clever one at it. In yesterday’s telecast of Bigg Boss season16, he was seen teasing Soundarya Sharma, his co-housemate in the luxurious house. Just a day prior, he was roaming around in the house, flirting with every girl of the house, throwing away his phone number at them asking them to call him, especially at night.

Yesterday, we saw Abdu Rozik teasing Soundarya by addressing her as, Soundarya Gautam Sharma and asking her, “Soundarya Gautam Sharma, how are you?” This got him a massive response from Soundarya herself, who was heard retorting back, “ey, yeh pagal ho raha hai? Chup reh tu!” When Abdu responded to her retort, we realised what he was doing and why. Apparently, Soundarya had called him names and Abdu said, “you talking me Nautanki Rozik, eh?” Therefore, in a giving-it-back manner, Abdu called her, Soundarya Gautam Sharma.

We could also hear Shiv Thakare getting pleasantly appalled by what Abdu had said. He said, “sabhse khatarnaak yahan pe koi hai, agar jhagda bhi karoge toh yeh Abdu hai.”

Soundarya Sharma was laughing away to this cutie’s response by saying, “main marungi.” But Abdu doesn’t seem to be stopping. He kept repeating, “Soundarya Gautam Sharma, how are you?” Soundarya once made a ‘punch sound.’ Finally, with a big laughter, she warned Abdu, “my father will enter here and he’ll be like what are you doing? Then what will you say?” To which the cutie responded with folded hands, “I am talking, sorry sir, you daughter talking Abdu notanki Rozik, what is this?”

What the cute banter here: