Bigg Boss 16: “Sirf dedh din ki bhi captain ban jaun, toh khushi se chali jaungi;” Sumbul Touqeer while convincing Shiv Thakare for captaincy

Even housemates have given up hopes from Sumbul Touqeer.


Sumbul Touqeer Khan has been a disappointment in the current running season of Bigg Boss season 16. She has been pulled up by her father and by Salman Khan too. Two ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episodes have been dedicated to explaining how pathetic she’s playing. Rather how pathetically she’s not playing at all. Considering that Sumbul’s the highest paid contestant of the this season, and considering the millions of fans rooting for their favourite ‘Imlie,’ she’s contributing nothing to the show and on top of it has become a ‘misaal’ inside the house that no one should become like Sumbul.

The matter has come to such an extent that even housemates have given up hopes. A lot of times, they’re seen making fun of her right in front of her. During nominations, Sajid Khan nominated her by suggesting, Sumbul needs to go out and attend some college and make friends instead of being in here and wasting her time. Even Ankit, who too, has been bashed by Salman Khan for not speaking up and/or contributing to the show, called Sumbul to sit with him and mocked at her that initially he used to feel they both are sailing in the same boat but now seeing at her, he too, feels his place in the house is still a lot better that the ‘Imlie’ star.

In one of the biggest tasks this week, the captaincy task, Sumbul was seen trying to convince Shiv Thakare, to give make her a captain at least once before she finally gets evicted from the Bigg Boss 16’s house this weekend. But when Shiv did not choose her, but Abdu, Sumbul was seen dancing her way to the swimming pool and not putting across her point or fighting with Shiv for not giving her a chance.

Later, during ‘Galat Fehmi ke Gubbare’ task Sumbul was seen bursting Shiv’s misconception that she’s not seen in the house, but she actually is. Her reactions are happening after 24 hours delay. What else do we expect from the highest paid contestant.