Bigg Boss 16: ‘Sillbatta Queen’ Archana Gautam is winning hearts of netizens with her wit and colourful personality; Have a look

Netizens love Archana Gautam confronting Bigg Boss for using the word ‘gong’ for ‘ghanta.’

We have seen many Bigg Boss contestants in the previous seasons getting various tags. But, someone being called “Sillbatta Queen” requires the person to be as witty and annoying as Archana Gautam. Bigg Boss is known to bring in at least one contestant every season, who’s bound to bring unfiltered entertainment. This season, it’s undoubtedly Archana. Some may avoid her fearing bleeding ears after listening to her cracking voice, some may repel her for the tad bit unruly mannerism of hers. But, what no one in the Bigg Boss house (including the camera operator) or outside can do, is ignore the combo pack of entertainment that Archana Gautam is.

Her mostly insensitive but sometimes chucklesome comebacks have been winning hearts outside the Bigg Boss house. Netizens are loving the way she wouldn’t think twice before confronting Bigg Boss for using the word ‘gong’ for ‘ghanta.’


Fighting for the ‘Silbatta’ that is her personal belonging in the house, being used in one of the captaincy tasks earned her the tag of ‘Sillbatta Queen’ by the netizens across nation. ‘Sillbatta Astra’ is a legit term now. Thanks to Archana Gautam.

Netizens loving the crude, mixed bag that Archana is, are pulling off ‘Sillbatta’ quips on one of her arch rivals, Shalin Bhanot for his demand of a certain amount of chicken in his diet every day.

At the premiere episode of Bigg Boss 16, Archana invoked laughter by sharing one of her cheeky fantasies of being hugged by her rich, politician husband from behind while she’d be cooking in the kitchen.

Previously, Rakhi Sawant had been a self-proclaimed ghost named Julie in the Bigg Boss house. She used to cover herself in weird clothes and funnily-horrifying make-up, to scare off contestants and also bring entertainment. Who do you think does it better? Archana Gautam or Rakhi Sawant?