Bigg Boss 16: ‘Silbatta Queen bani ghar ki saas?; why is Archana Gautam struggling to create content? | Business Upturn

Bigg Boss 16: ‘Silbatta Queen bani ghar ki saas?; why is Archana Gautam struggling to create content?

If closely noticed, most of Archana’s fights have been around kitchen only.


Archana Gautam had entered the Bigg Boss house with a ‘Silbatta’ — a stone slab used to make chutney (sauce). During the very first captaincy task between Shiv Thakare and Nimrit Ahluwalia, one of the contestants brought her ‘silbatta’ to use in the task. This, was sure to get a reaction from the “ghar ki sabhse shararti sadasya” as quoted by Bigg Boss himself. And she did blast out accusing housemates of using her personal items in task and what not.

But that was it from Archana Gautam about her ‘Silbatta.’ Never has she ever mentioned or been seen using her ‘personal item’ inside the Bigg Boss house. But, she has been seen giving a lot of other types of content, which was highly appreciated not just by the host, Salman Khan, but also by audiences and fans of the show. She was given a fun task with her then arch rival Shalin Bhanot, where she was not allowed to talk and Shalin had to convey her messages to members of the house. She did a great job in entertaining audience even when she wasn’t allowed to talk. She won a lot of following outside of house because of her idiosyncrasies.

But, Archana is also a player, or is pretending to be one. If closely noticed, most of her fights have been around kitchen only. In one of the recent episodes also she was heard warning everyone of not overtaking ‘her’ kitchen. But, since Archana’s out of kitchen politics also after Gautam Singh Vig kicked her out of it, she is finding it hard to stay relevant inside the house.


So, her new prey is Soundarya Sharma. Archana is often seen explaining to Gautam and Soundarya separately why their love angle isn’t working for them and will take them down. Recently she even fought with her BFF Priyanka Chahar Choudhary over a petty kitchen issue yet again, just to give content, what come may — which is really good, from show’s and fans point of view.

With Archana also losing her allies in the house, hope she survives long in the house. But how she does that, will be an interesting watch!