Bigg Boss 16: Shiv Thakare crosses 1 Million tweets as hashtag “SHERDIL SHIV THAKARE” trends on Twitter

Shiv Thakare seems to have achieved 1 million tweets milestone under the hashtag “SHERDIL SHIV THAKARE,” which was trending on Twitter.


Bigg Boss contestants are known for constantly making headlines for their performances and controversies inside the house while their fans showcase their support by participating in trends and contests conducted on various social media platforms. And Bigg Boss 16 is no different either, as Shiv Thakare, who is known for his high-energy performances inside the house, has reached the exciting milestone of 1 million tweets on the microblogging platform Twitter with the help of his fans.
Shiv Thakare seems to have achieved this important milestone under the hashtag “SHERDIL SHIV THAKARE,” which was trending in the
entertainment section of Twitter. Furthermore, Shiv is the first contestant of this season to reach 1 million tweets.
Needless to say, his fans cannot keep calm and are rejoicing at Shiv’s incredible achievement of Shiv’s. A fan congratulating the fam for the efforts tweeted, “Someone tell him He is trending over 1M+. #ShivThakare. From a small place to this platform, it’s very big achievement. This is the proudest moment for each & everyone. Our hardwork pays off. #BiggBoss16 Congratulations once again Fam.” under the trending hashtag.
while another netizen said, “Congratulations!” Every person who participated in this trend.. everyone’s hard work paid off… Khushi k aansu… SHER DIL SHIV THAKARE.” in their Twitter post.