Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot and Gautam Vig declare a war against each other during captaincy task; Former says, “Teri aukat sabhko dikhai de rahi hai”

They both seemed to be challenging each other for a ‘face off.’


Bigg Boss season 16 is gearing up to choose their new captain for the new and upcoming week. This comes after Salman-appointed captain, Gautam Singh Vig was fired by Bigg Boss in last night’s episode.

In one of the promos for tonight’s upcoming telecast of Bigg Boss season 16’s episode, shared  by Colors Tv on all of its social media platforms, we see old captains blowing trumpets and are on their way to selecting the new captain. Most of the housemates are seen going inside the swimming pool. This could be a part of the captaincy task, we shall witness in tonight’s episode.

Tina Datta is seen begging Gautam Singh Vig to give her one chance as she was standing in his support during his captaincy tasks. It is shown, in what seems like an edited clip, that Gautam gives Tina a chance to be one of the contenders for being the captain of the house. But, it also looked like he denied her the opportunity. This ambiguity shall only cease once we see tonight’s episode for ourselves.

Gautam is also seen have a yet another brawl with Shalin Bhanot yelling at Gautam, “Teri aukat sabhko dikhai de rahi hai.” and Gautam is seen giving a befitting reply, “gaali kisi aur ko diyo,” after Shalin used a beeped cuss word for Gautam. They both seemed to be challenging each other for a ‘face off.’