Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot a perfect meme material after chicken drama inside the house

Housemates have pointed out why Shalin Bhanot is behaving like a ‘laad sahab.’


Apparently, Shalin Bhanot has a medical condition, which demands him to eat at least 450 gm chicken every day. But, because the poor chap is inside the Bigg Boss 16 house, he is struggling to get his protein intake, which, by the way, he can also get from Paneer, Palak, soy, daal, eggs, etc. But, our full-of-tantrums actor demands he get all the chicken that’s there in the house. For the past many weeks he has been literally begging Bigg Boss to give his share of chicken for the day. Bigg Boss has called him inside the confession room twice to inform him, “Shalin, aapko bhukha rakhne ki humari ki mansha nahin hai.” The first time Bigg Boss called him inside Bigg Boss house, he told Shalin, “audition dena bandh karein.” But the dude, either doesn’t seem to understand or is trying to generate content out of his medical condition.

Housemates have pointed out why Shalin Bhanot is behaving like a ‘laad sahab.’ Priyanka Chahar Choudhary was seeing slamming the “fake” Shalin for being so hell bent on having his protein intake, which he can also get from protein shake or other sources of protein. Last night, Archana Gautam blamed Bigg Boss for picking up any type of actor from the roads and bringing them in Bigg Boss house. She thinks, Bigg Boss could have done better and added that, if they have come to Bigg Boss to eat, then they rather go outside the house and satiate their hunger.

Netizens are also seemingly tired of Shalin’s chicken rant and are posting memes about the issues evoking a rolling-on-floor laughter. Have a look: