Bigg Boss 16: “Sajid, Shiv agli baar paise lagayein?” Bigg Boss is being too savage in season 16

sweet retorts by Bigg Boss are making people laugh and enjoy.


Bigg Boss has never been talking too much with the contestants as he is this time, during the currently running season of Bigg Boss season 16. He never used to reply back to contestants saying anything to him. He would only interact as much is required to be conveyed from his side. Unless, contestants are called inside the Bigg Boss’ confession room to discuss or talk one-on-one with him.

As the promo of Bigg Boss revealed that Bigg Boss this year would also be playing along with other contestants, it is being proven right. Bigg Boss is talking back to the contestants and showing them their place. He is even fishing for gossip from inside the Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss is also calling contestants inside the confession room and giving them indirect tips on how to play. He’s seen to be clearly playing for his favourite contestants.

But more than this, what the audience are loving is his sarcastic sense of humour. In last night’s episode, Shalin Bhanot tried to act smart yet again by telling Bigg Boss that milk does not have as much protein as chicken. To which Bigg Boss said, “boond boond se hi sagar bharta hai.” All contestants absolutely loved his reply and bursted into laughter. He has also asked Shalin a lot of times to stop auditioning inside Bigg Boss house. Even Archana got a “Shut up Archana” from Bigg Boss.

Another incident is where Sumbul Touqeer Khan was eating banana and Bigg Boss said, “Sumbul agar kha kar ho gya ho toh task ke liye aa jao.” This made the sweet girl chuckle before going for the task.

Such sweet retorts by Bigg Boss are making people laugh and enjoy, crediting it to Bigg Boss’s amazing sense of humour.

Even Urvashi Dholakia is feeling jealous that why Bigg Boss didn’t talk to them like this: