Bigg Boss 16: ‘Rooms kyun divided hain ghar mein?’ Here’s the reason

But, sadly no one is doing that from room of 6 other than Archana Gautam.


Bigg Boss season 16 is divided into 4 rooms this time around, excluding the luxurious captain’s room. Room of 2, room of 3, room of 4 and room of 6. Why has this concept being introduced by Bigg Boss this season? The reason is to segregate contestants. Since Bigg Boss is himself playing this season, he himself wants to create groups and then pin it on contestants for making groups.

In this week’s twist of making the captain the raja of house, Bigg Boss has thrown all of the so called crowd of Bigg Boss season 16 in the room of 6. The reason being, Bigg Boss wants room of 6 to go all out and against Sajid Khan. The makers want room of 6 to declare a fight against Sajid and his group, which could generate some content.

But, sadly no one is doing that from room of 6 other than Archana Gautam, who has the guts to call a spade a spade. She is the only one who is going against Sajid Khan and giving content to everyone. Because she is doing everything, therefore, everyone is hovering around her to get their two cents of footage.

Well hopefully, room of 6 realises what is being asked of them and does ‘bagawat’ against Sajid Khan and/or Bigg Boss too.