Bigg Boss 16: “Roadside pe khadi hoti hai tu;” Archana Gautam to Gori Nagori; fought over ‘dancer’ remark by Sajid Khan

The housemates blamed Archana for herself demeaning other professions.


Archana Gautam is disliked by as many people as she is like by. She is undoubtedly a Bigg Boss material. She would say things she shouldn’t and that too without any qualms about it. She has fought with many contestants in the past and called them ugly names. Like, she remarked at Gori Nagori in one of her spats with the latter, “roadside pe khadi hoti hai tu.” But the same Gori Nagori had a problem with Sajid Khan calling Gori Nagori a “Rajasthani dancer.” She fought her wits out last night with Sajid over the fact that he did not respect Gori Nagori as an artist.

This created a rift not just between her and Sajid, but almost all of the housemates including Gori Nagori herself. Even Gori came in and clarified to her that Sajid did not call her a dancer in a bad manner. After Archana created a big fuss about the issue, Bigg Boss called her inside the confession room and asked her what she thought happened in the fight. Archana was adamant about how demeaning Sajid sounded for an artist.

The housemates blamed Archana for herself demeaning other professions especially actors inside the Bigg Boss house. She had even remarked that she didn’t know until then that these all contestants are even celebrities. Bigg Boss showed her a mirror and made her realise that no conversation will surround cast, colour, creed and/or professions or nationality of any contestant in the Bigg Boss house.