Bigg Boss 16: Release date, contestants, plot and everything we know so far


The forthcoming season of the famous TV reality show Bigg Boss 16 will have a new batch of contestants The show hosted by superstar Salman Khan. The show has been in news for multiple factors, and the most recent one is that it will be going on to get released in October this year.

The new edition of Bigg Boss is good to go to light up your TV soon. The show is about physical, mental and emotional display of the contestants as they strive for the glory and fame of being a piece of the show. A show for every people with no discrimination, the show has constantly been praised for its beauty and intensity.

Bigg Boss 16 Release Date

As per many reports, Bigg Boss 16 is to air from October 1st 2022.

Confirmed Contestants list for BB16

We realize that you are eagerly sitting tight for the information about which contestants will be coming in the new season. We will give an update about it. The makers choose which contenders to include on this particular show, and believe that these particular contestants will benefit it.

There is no correct answer about the contestant list, as the contestant of Bigg Boss 2022 is as yet a secret. Notwithstanding, almost certainly, the contender will be somebody who is famous in India and has a huge following via social media. As the show is hosted in India, almost certainly, the contestant will be Indian. In addition, the show has been known to pick contestants who are controversial or who have a ton of personalities. So, keep your eyes peeled for clues in the coming weeks!

Bigg Boss Plot

If you’re looking for a show that will keep you engaged from morning till night, then, at that point, you really want to look at Bigg Boss. The show is an international hit that follows the lives of contestants as they live in the “Bigg Boss House” and compete for the title of “Bigg Boss”.

Every week, the contestants are divided into teams and the competition heats up as they attempt to outwit,, defeat, and outlast each other in some of the most strange and stunning tasks ever seen on TV. From eating live bugs to attempting to seduce their fellow housemates, there is c always something new and exciting happening.

In addition to the weekly challenges, there are likewise week-by-week eliminations that lead to the final four contenders. The last two contestants then face off in a dramatic final showdown that will determine who is crowned “Bigg Boss”.